MyHR CVS, an HR Portal for CVS Employees

An ultimate for MyHR CVS, an HR Portal for CVS Employees

MyHR CVS is an online HR portal created for the benefit of CVS employees. It can be accessed by the people employed at all CVS drug stores (including CVS MinuteClinic and CVS Health locations) to access information related to paychecks, tax, and other personal details. The portal was developed and is managed by Aon Hewitt.


Myhr CVS – CVS Health and MinuteClinic Colleagues

  • Employees of CVS Health and CVS MinuteClinic can log in to the portal by visiting
  • Using your given username (email ID) and password, you can access the portal. In case you have forgotten your ID or password, there is also a “Help” section on the right side of the webpage
    • First time users can register on the platform through the “Register as a New User” option
    • In order to attain a valid user ID, employees are advised to keep their social security numbers (SSN) handy. Only after you enter this number, along with the last digits of your birthdate can you create an account on MyHR
  • MyHR CVS portal has a special login page for former employees who would want to find important information such as provident fund, income tax details, etc.
  • Users can also access MyHR through the following URL –

MyHR CVS - CVS Employee Login

Benefits of Using MyHR CVS

Following are some of the highlights of MyHR CVS, which makes it a boon for users:

  • Discounted medical and dental insurance policies
  • 401k program
  • Employee stock purchase program

Some features of MyHR CVS:

  • It is designed for both current and former employees
  • The service is free, with no hidden charges for any benefits

More information on such benefits and features can be found at

Disadvantages of Not Signing Up for MyHR CVS

  • No medical coverage, including protection from long-term disability and dental cover
    • For residents of Hawaii, this is not really an issue because according to state policies, they will be automatically enrolled in the company’s medical insurance program
  • Ineligible for FSA or Health Savings Account
  • More information can be found at

However, there are some benefits that CVS employees are entitled to even if they do not sign up for MyHR. They are:

  • LifeScope for “You Life” services
  • Insurance cover programs for business travel accident, short-term disability, basic life, and accidental death


About CVS

Founded in 1963, CVS is one of the leading pharmacy chains in US. According to Forbes, it is the 12th largest company in the world and employs close to 8000 people in its more than 1000 MinuteClinic stores spread across North America.

Designed for easy access of over-the-counter (OTP) prescriptions for small injuries and illnesses, CVS is the traditional doctor’s favorite pharmacy chain. CVS stores sell a wide range of medical products like prescription drugs, beauty and wellness products, and other items such as greeting cards and photo finishing services. Products can also be bought from its online store at

Support for Education Institutions Associated with MyHR CVS Care

MyHR CVS can also be accessed by students of colleges that have tied up with CVS Care stores. Students can access the portal by using the user ID and password provided by their respective college and related CVS colleague.

The store colleagues are required to provide the seven-digit employee ID and CVSLEARNet password. On the other hand, employees of distribution centers need the employee ID and the regular MyHR password to access the portal. Moreover, PBM and non-store colleagues will need a Window ID to access the site.

MyHR CVS works perfectly on systems running Netscape Navigator 7.2 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5.

List of Features of MyHR

Following is a long list of features that employees can gain access to if they sign up for the HR portal:

  • View itemized paycheck
  • Access information about your life insurance; adjust the premium amount, etc.
  • Check income tax info and current status
  • Information about work schedule and attendance
  • Education assistance program
  • Information about health and wellness programs
  • Adoption assistance and CVS employee discounts program
  • Access to employee stock purchase program

Contacting CVS HR Department

For any queries related to MyHR CVS or any other issues, one can reach out to the HR department. You can contact them through the toll-free number – 1-888-694-7287 (888-myHR-CVS).

One can also visit the following URL for more details:

Or learn more guide about myHR CVS at