CVS Values in Action Recognition program

CVS Values in Action

Health is wealth that is why CVS Caremark is made. It makes every person have a much healthier life through the reinvention of pharmacy.

And we know just the right way to do that in a fun and simple way; we call it Values in Action. Our colleagues here are CVS Caremark are performing an incredible job day in and day out and just like everybody else-even they want an acknowledgment-you know; a pat on the back saying, “Great Job Buddy.” This is precisely why we initiated Values in Action.

Accessing CVS Values in Action

Simply pay a visit to this link: Desktop and mobile devices support the the website, which means you can access it at home, office, or everywhere. If you happen to be in office, you can sign in via links given on myLife, myHR and RADAR (for CVX/pharmacy stores).

Signing In To Your CVS Values in Action Program

Logging in to your account will assist you to see your needed content. Several features are also accessible in the company network. You may us the Single sign-on or SSO to get this done. The program you are looking for needs you to be signed on particularly if you are already making use of Single sign-on in the company network.

Here are basic steps to sign in to your CVS Values in Action program:

Access the main page of your program.

Provide your username.

Enter your security password.

If you need comfort in logging next time, check the box that will allow the website to remember your username.

Click ‘Log In’.


Reference Link to Acces CVS Values in Action

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